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African Mango Diet Revealed: Discover The African Mango Diet

African Mango Diet: Here, I’ll reveal what this African diet is and talk about eating the right foods so you can lose weight on the African Mango Diet.

African mango diet

The African mango diet, as you'll find out, is high in complex carbohydrates, rich in fiber, and low in saturated fats.









By the way, this article isn’t primarily about the African mango diet pill (  There’s lots of information on the Internet about the African mango extract diet pill.  Rather, this article is about the traditional diet that the people of Cameroon and western Africa—where African mango comes from—consume.  If you want to read about the diet pill, just visit this page: ==>

If you want to be healthy and lose a lot of that unwanted bodyfat, and you want to do so as safely as possible, then this article’s for you.  As I said, I’ll tell you what the African mango diet is, what it entails, and how you can lose weight with this type of eating program.

The African Mango Diet: What The African Mango Diet Is

To know what the African mango diet is, we have to look at the traditional foods and meals of the people of western Africa, which is where the Irvingia gabonensis extract grows.  (Irvingia gabonensis is actually the scientific name for African mango, and it grows in the fruit of the mango trees in Cameroon.)

Cassava root, plantains, and yams, are the types of foods that are enjoyed in Cameroon, Africa. These foods are all high-fiber, complex carbohydrate sources.

This African mango diet is not “low carb,” is not necessarily high in protein, and is not high in saturated fat.

Simply stated, the diet of the Cameroonians who enjoy the African mango extract is fiber-rich, high in complex carbohydrates, and low in saturated fat.

That’s basically the African mango diet.  The African mango diet is one that’s  high in fiber and complex carbs, and low in fat.

African Mango Diet: Important Safety Information

If you’d like to start eating and following the African mango diet, I’d advise you to play it safe and speak to a doctor or physician before starting.  It’s always good to speak to someone before changing your diet or going on a weight loss program, and the same goes for the African mango diet.

If you’re pregnant, lactating, or on some medications, going on a diet, or taking weight loss pills, the African mango diet might not be right for you at this time.

And speaking about diet pills, be sure to read the ingredients of any African mango diet pill you decide to take.  It’s just good to know what you’re getting.  Some brands, like the Pure brand, claims to only have African mango.  There’s another brand, called African Mango Plus, that has caffeine and green tea leaf extract added.  These 2 ingredients help boost the effect of the African mango extract.  That’s why it’s called Plus: you get more than you would in most African mango diet pills.

However, you might not like caffeine, or have a sensitivity to it.  In that case, you might want another brand of African mango that doesn’t have caffeine.

African Mango Diet: Exercise

For the African mango diet to give you the best weight loss results, you need to add exercise to the diet program.  And, I mean, real exercise.  By that I mean, you actually should exercise as intensely as you can, while still abiding by your doctor’s advice.  (If your doctor says to avoid intense exercise, then of course, obey him or her.  If you can exercise intensely, which is one of the best ways to fry that bodyfat, then do so.)

So, how do you exercise intensely?

Well, there’s something called HIIT, which stands for High Intensity Interval Training.

Let’s say you’re jogging on a treadmill.  Basically, at certain intervals (say, each minute or so), you increase your speed faster and faster.  By the minute, it gets more and more intense.

Then, you hit your highest, safest level of intensity (speed), and maintain it for a minute.

Then, after that minute you reduce your speed, and start the cycle again.

As with eating on the African mango diet, we want to make sure we exercise as safely as possible.  Be sure to warm up as much as you can.  Get those muscles lose.  For me, I do this by going on the treadmill, and just jogging for up to 15 minutes.

I might even run, and go at a very high speed, but this is done as part of a warm-up, and I don’t count it toward my actually work out (although I am still burning calories).

Working out first thing in the morning, before you eat, is a great way to burn fat.  That’s because early in the morning, before you eat, your body is more likely to tap into it’s body fat for energy.  Take an African mango diet pill before you work out, and you should experience great results.

There are so many potential African mango diet tips that I can give you.  But the basics are to get good, intense exercise that helps you burn fat, and to do so on a consistent basis.

This ends part one of this two-part article on the African mango diet.  Click this link to read more about the African mango diet: ==>

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